12 November, 2011

Papers that I am reading

I'm reading plenty of papers these days about carbonate concretions, dolomite formation in terrestrial environments and paleosols. Here's of a collection of the papers that I personally find most interesting and informative. There is currently a lot of cool stuff happening regarding dolomite formation in low-temperature environments. These articles are on the cutting-edge in my opinion. Of course it is but a tiny collection...


AerialGeologist said...

Thanks for posting these! I'm in the middle of carbonate petrology for my sed/strat class.

The one interesting thing I learned about was the relationship between temperature of formation and the nature of dolomite crystals in thin section. Dolomite crystals formed below 100C are fairly euhedral and those formed above 100C are anhedral.

Lost Geologist said...

That may well be though I found perfectly euhedral dolomites during my diploma thesis in thin sections that clearly formed during burial diagnesis above 100°C. It's not always that easy. :)

Anonymous said...

Hallo Lost Geologist

Schön, mal wieder von Dir zu lesen ! Und ich hoffe, deine Erkältung ist abgeklungen...ist doch super Exkursionswetter in diesem November !!

Morgen geht es wieder in den Oman

Glück Auf

Thomas / Bad Windsheim

Lost Geologist said...

Ja, die Langzeiterkältung klingt endlich merkbar ab! Viel Spaß im Oman!