17 May, 2015

Arizona impressions

Early in 2014 I applied for a student research grant at the Clay Minerals Society. I asked for a boron isotope campaign to be partially funded. To my great pleasure the CMS granted enough support to fund a visit to the Arizona State University SIMS facility im Tempe, AZ. So in august 2014 I spent a week in the basement doing SIMS measurements. Besides wonderful data I also brought back home a suitcase full of pictoral landscape impressions that still feed my desire to return. 

First evening in Tempe, AZ. A lovely view from my appartment.
SIMS lab. Time spent: 7 days watching the screens.
After several days of countless boron isotope ratio measurements I sneaked out. Took a car and drove north!
On the interstate. Endless driving. A very meditating activity.
Grand Canyon South Rim! Worth every hour on the road! Note the perfect weather for monsoon season.
If you watch closely you will find the Colorado river in the lower left.
Making contact to the locals.

After spending a long detour...
...I got to see my first hectorite mine! The owner was so kind to meet-up with me. We spent an hour talking and filling  sample bags (Which almost got me arrested a few days later. But I will share that anecdote another time).

The mine owner recommend a country-side route away from the interstate to return to Phoenix. No other car for two full hours. Amazing!

The boron isotope data will be presented at the EuroClay2015 in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

The hectorite has since been XRDed, cut into thin-sections, and looked at by ESEM/EDX. 

Thanks for watching!

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