24 June, 2015

Guest posting on the Traveling Geologist

Today I have a guest post about my doctoral research on Bavarian bentonite on the Traveling Geologist blog!

Go take a look at their interesting and informative blog. It is host to a large collection of geologist's impressions.

Thanks a lot for the opportunity!

06 June, 2015

Dolomite growing inside mica

Working on the electron microscope always gets me excited. Exploring the world of the tiny and tinier is both scientifically interesting and aesthetically rewarding. The image shows authigenic dolomite crystals growing between the sheets of a detrital mica (probably muscovite) flake in Bavarian bentonite. Enjoy!
Dolomite rhombs growing and destroying mica.

01 June, 2015

Elements Magazine: The Lost Geologist in the Students Research Spotlight

The June issue of Elements magazine appeared online today. All contributing geoscience societies have a Society News Section. In June, I have the great pleasure of being one of three students portrayed in the Clay Minerals Society Student Research Spotlight, showcasing a short discreption of my doctoral work. This link leads directly to the CMS News Section.