13 July, 2015

Euroclay 2015

Yesterday I returned from the EuroClay 2015  in Edinbugh, UK. It was one of the largest clay science meetings in years - with over 500 participants. Topics ranged from rad waste, pharmaceutical applications to out of this world topics on Mars and its clay mineralogy. I, however, had the honor of starting the bentonite session on July 9th with a talk about boron and boron isotopes in smectites from bentonite deposits. Despite a slight fear of public presentations it went absolutely fantastic and I received plenty of good feedback from scientists coming from Italy, Germany, Greece, the UK, the US, and many others. It was great to hear positive but honest feedback. I really enjoyed the comments that specifically addressed what the audience really liked. The meeting was also well organised and the conference dinner location was excellent.

Some impressions:
Our latest results...

...me summing-up what we now know.

Edinburgh castle.

Salisbury Crags.

Centre of Edinburgh.

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