29 January, 2016

Open Access issue in Clay Minerals

Suvrat recently pointed out an open access collection of papers on carbonate sedimentology. Just a few days ago the Clay Minerals Journal of Fine Particle Science (short Clay Minerals) also published an open access issue with a collection of 12 papers from the 7th Mid-European Clay Conference, Dresden, Germany in 2014. The meeting was organized by the German-Austrian-Swiss Clay Group (DTTG). Currently the OA issue seems to be only accessible on ingenta (see link above) but not on GSW. In the editorial the editors summarize the great variability in clay science research from the importance of clays in geotechnical engineering, hydrocarbon production, CO2 and radioactive waste disposal and more classical fields of mineralogy, diagenesis and analytical methods.

From a quick skim through the table of contents, editorial and abstracts all papers appear to be a good read. Though from a purely personal perspective reflecting my own research interests in diagenetic processes, clay mineralogy, and industrial minerals, I find the following papers the most interesting - and I am looking forward to some good (I assume) reads over the weekend.
Wilkinson 2015 Does the nucleation of clay minerals control the rate of diagenesis in sandstones?

Warr & Ferreiro Mählmann 2015 Recommendations for Kübler Index standardization

Garcia-Valles et al. 2015 Kaolin from Acoculco (Puebla, Mexico) as raw material: Mineralogical and thermal characterization
Here is a link the full table of content.

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