13 February, 2016

Top 3 posts 2015

Today I was reviewing my blog posts of 2015 in search for ideas for what topics to write more about. Going through the statistics I found three blog posts that received the most of attention since restarting my blog in 2015. So, I here are the Top 3 posts 2015!

Most viewed was the rather short Online clay science resources post with 2050 views. Seems like there is a need for such information out there! It is great to see that people actually use this. I will try to find and post more clay science resources. If you know some that you can recommend - let me know!

A very close second comes Paper: Dolomite formation in non-marine bentonite deposits with 2027 views. This is a short introductory post on the first publication of my doctoral research. I have more manuscripts in the pipeline, and hope to be able to showcase more of my own work in the future once I got it published. Until then I might have to recycle some old field trips.

The third spot is taken by Old fieldwork pictures from Peru with 1761 views. Just as myself everyone else properly also likes fieldwork pictures and looking at fantastic geology. Sadly, I took very few pictures in those days. I had just bought my first clumsy camera. But I might find a handful of interesting pictures in my back-up harddrive!

Looks like I ought to write more about online clay science resources, my own work and lots of fieldwork pictures! :)

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