07 April, 2016

Online clay science resources: Glossary & Images

As stated in a previous post I like to share freely accessible clay science resources. Today, I want to point out two of them that are immensely useful for figuring out how to call that thing correctly when writing, studying, illustrating, or teaching.

One is the Clay Minerals Society Glossary of Clay Science Project. An ongoing effort to compile a glossary of terms "as used in clay science". The small site also has word- and PDF-file versions for download. I find this very useful for non-native speakers (like me) because not all terms are easily translated.

The other one is more eye-pleasing. It is the Images of Clay archive of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Irland and The Clay Minerals Society. This is a collection of images of (clay) minerals available for non-profit purposes, such as teaching - and I suppose blogging. I especially like the time lapse video of exfoliating vermiculite.

Image (Video) reproduced from the 'Images of Clay Archive' of the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland and The Clay Minerals Society (www.minersoc.org/gallery.php?id=2.")

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