13 August, 2016

A view of the geothermal plant Oberhaching-Laufzorn

One of the fascinating aspects of our profession is that the geosciences, especially their practical applications, can often be found (almost) in front of your home. Enjoying today's excellent summer day and a bicycle tour through the south-eastern outskirts of Munich unexpectedly lead me to a geothermal plant of Erdwärme Grünwald at Oberhaching-Laufzorn. The plant entered full production capacity in December 2014 and is used for district heating, and minor power generation.

The doublet wells reach a production depth of 4032 m and a re-injection depth of 4453 m below surface. The well taps into the karstified Upper Jurassic Malm aquifer and has a capacity of 140 to 160 l/s at 128 to 130°C; generating about 20 to 50 MW of district heat.

Field impressions:
Rural outskirts of Munich
A look in the other direction reveals the geothermal plant!
Entry and main building.
That is where the thermal waters reach the surface!
Just a minute further down the road. Rural Munich No. 2!

Details and information taken from the local signs at the goethermal plants and the following websites:

Erdwärme Grünwald

Informationsportal Tiefe Geothermie

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