About & Research

This blog started when I was a geology student at the Free University of Berlin to share my passion for the geosciences. The blog re-started in 2015 when I picked it up again as an outlet from finishing my doctoral thesis. It is not an official account of any institution.

Blog Name: It took me long to understand the multitudes of geological knowledge and I frequently felt lost. That gladly changed drastically and I found a great passion for the geosciences!

I am a doctoral researcher at the Department of Engineering Geology, Technical University of Munich, Germany. My doctoral research aims at elucidating the genesis of calcium, magnesium and sodium bentonite deposits in marine and terrestrial depositional environments. Authigenic soil and groundwater dolomites in bentonites, the role of pedogenesis, and Ca & Mg provenance for Mid-Miocene bentonites of the North Alpine Foreland Basin are my main focus. My research is complemented by boron isotope geochemistry of smectites from bentonite deposits in the United States, Argentina, Spain, Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Georgia and Armenia. I use boron to unravel the chemical composition and salinity of fluids during smectitization, and to reveal differences in calcium, magnesium and sodium bentonite formation.

Before embarking on my doctoral studies I have been at the Technical University Mining Academy Freiberg and the Free University of Berlin. I graduated from the Free University of Berlin with a Diplom degree in geology/palaeontology (the old German equivalent of a Master). My diploma thesis was about the microfacies, diagenesis, geochemistry and raw material properties of oolithic, shallow marine Jurassic carbonate rocks.

Research focus: 
  • Tracing fluids involved in Na-, Ca- and Mg-bentonite formation. 
  • Genesis and raw material properties of Bavarian bentonite, Southern Germany. 
  • Li-clay (hectorite) deposit formation. 
  • Terrestrial dolomite formation in paleosols.
  • Industrial mineral deposits geology/mineralogy.